Till Hall Rental Terms & Condtions

1.  The Hall Rental charge of $300.00(non-refundable) and signed Till Hall Rental
      Contract is required to reserve the date of the function. Plus a $100.00 Hall Cleaning
      Deposit, which will be returned if Hall is Cleaned and returned to original set-up.

2.  The Member is responsible for set up and clean up of the hall as well as decorations
      and their removal. Including trash removal.

3.  The Hall tables and chairs must be returned to the way they were before the event.

4.  All doors to the hall and outside must remain closed.

5.  No alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages are to be brought on to the premises.

6.  The Hall shall not be used for illegal purposes.

7.  The following will result in the immediate termination of the event or function
      -Alcoholic beverages being taken from the Hall.
      -Underage consumption of alcohol.
      -Inappropriate behavior, including but not limited to, physical and/or verbal fighting,
        rowdiness resulting in bodily injury or property damages, etc.
      -Disregard and/or disrespect of St. Charles Moose Lodge bartenders, cooks, bus
       staff, and members.